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YEREVAN. - It is already several years the political system of Turkey has been subject to shocks due to which it has turned into a platform of experimental ideas.

Senior research fellow at the Institute of Oriental Studies at the Armenian National Academy of Sciences, Vahram Ter-Matevosyan, told the aforementioned to Armenian News –

“Erdoğan’s unique perceptions on the stability and political system of the country and “national will,” as well as democracy have long ago turned into a means for directing the political processes in the desired way. Dozens of years ago, Erdoğan said: “Democracy is a train: you should jump out of it once you achieve your goal,” Ter-Matevosyan said.  

In his words, an entire chain of events took place in Turkey in the course of the year but the year 2016 will be remembered in the country as one of terrorist attacks following each other and failed coup attempt, as well as pressure on the opposition and press and dissemination of a climate of fear.

“During practically all the months of the year, terrorist attacks took place in Turkey, which claimed the lives of 600 people. Turkey is no longer a safe place. In fact, the terrorist attacks took place in absolutely different points: near landmarks, in the streets of big cities, at wedding ceremonies, in the football stadium, in buses and other places,” the research fellow said. 

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