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Criminal cases launched against another group of former officials of the Azerbaijani National Security Ministry have been transferred to one of the country’s courts.

The group included the chief of the Monitoring Center of the liquidated National Security Ministry of Azerbaijan, General Teymur Guliyev, the former head of the ministry’s Department of Combating Transnational Crime, General Subahir Gurbanov, and his deputy, Colonel Fizuli Aliyev, reports.

One of the persons who suffered from T. Guliyev and his team was Elchin Aliyev, the founder of EGT Express LLC, which deals with international cargo transportations. The con men organized a raid on the businessman’s office in early June 2014.

According to Aliyev, he was accused of having links with Armenians. “You are linked to Lilit Grigoryan, who lives in the Czech Republic. A call was made to her from your office. Now we will take you to the National Security Ministry,” head of the division at the General Department of Combating Transnational Crime, Colonel Fuad Sadreddinov told the businessman.

The latter tried to deny knowing any Lilit Grigoryan but nobody would listen to him. “I realized that F. Dasreddinov wanted to get a large bribe under the factitious pretence of my alleged link to an Armenian. I reiterated that I had no business relations with Armenians. Sadreddinov smirked and noted that if needed I would be forced to admit this,” Aliyev said.

The head of the ministry department allegedly named the price of “solving” the matter—100,000 manat—and gave him several hours for gathering it. When the businessman began assuring that he had no such great sums, F. Sadreddinov warned him that all his talks had been tapped long ago and the Ministry knew about all his incomes.

Consequently, the colonel allegedly swindled out another several thousand dollars from the businessman by means of blackmail. Overall, Elchin Aliyev allegely had to give over $150,000 to the colonel for his tranquility.  

Sadreddinov, for his part, noted that Elchin Aliyev’s company is the subsidiary of the Czech company EGT Express. The worker of the company’s Czech office Lilit Grigoryan allegedly called to Baku several times, following which the Ministry decided to carry out the operation. He also added that after this “operation” he and Elchin Aliyev established friendly ties. Since Aliyev is a specialist of international cargo transportations, Sadreddinov consulted with him on those issues.

In the words of the arrested colonel, he borrowed $30,000 from Aliyev for his son’s wedding but was not able to return it. “Exactly because of this debt Elchin Aliyev gave false testimony against me,” he noted.  

Czech company EGT Express CZ published information on its website on that they cooperate with similarly-named company in Baku and that they indeed have a worker named Lilit Grigoryan among the staff of the Czech office.  

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