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Regular tensions in the frontline is an evidence of Azerbaijan’s inability to fight against democratic developments in Karabakh, said the spokesman to the NKR President David Babayan, in an interview with, commenting on the question about the hysterical reaction of Azerbaijan in regard to the upcoming referendum in Artsakh. 

"The response of the Azerbaijani side demonstrates the real intentions of Baku in Karabakh settlement process. They have nothing to do with democratic developments, "said David Babayan.

Babayan noted ironically, that the Azerbaijani Foreign Ministry needs to implement a large-scale work in regard to the referendum in Kharabakh to expand the “black list.” "The referendum will be monitored by many international observers, journalists, and experts. Thus, the Azerbaijani Foreign Ministry will have to make a lot of efforts in this regard, "said Babayan.

At the same time, Babayan noted, that many Azerbaijani officials are deep inside delighted about the events that are taking place in the NKR. "They spend huge resources on anti-Armenian propaganda. Half of them get into the pockets of the Azerbaijani officials. Under the pretext of the fight against Armenians, Mamedyarov and the like ones rob their own country and end up purchasing a real estate somewhere in a democratic country," Babayan said.

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