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YEREVAN. – The Transcaucasia region continues to be a problem, and the conflicts remain, Russian political scientist Sergey Markedonov said at a press conference on Thursday.

In his view, we cannot speak about achieving some results, especially regarding a resolution to the Nagorno-Karabakh conflict. 

As per Markedonov, Russia’s position on this conflict is more complicated than with respect to the other conflicts in the region.

“Russia has varying degrees of preparedness to collaborate—or not to collaborate—with various players,” noted the analyst. “There is no tough resistance between Russia and the West. Moreover, the West is not against Russia becoming more active.

“Karabakh conflict is important for Russia, but it’s not a first-plan matter [for this country].”

In his words, both Armenia and Azerbaijan would want for Russia to make a final choice; but this will not happen. 

And recalling Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov’s words that the Karabakh conflict is not an internal affair of Azerbaijan, Sergey Markedonov stated that no conflict is an internal matter of a country.

“Any decision should take Russia’s interests into account,” he stressed.

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