January 24
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YEREVAN. - The defense of homeland in the army and fleet has always been considered as a sacred duty and those, who devoted themselves to military service and for whom the insurance of sovereignty and defense of homeland became a life purpose have always been held in special esteem both in Russia and Armenia. 

Defense Minister of Armenia Vigen Sargsyan said the aforementioned on Wednesday, speaking at the solemn reception in the Russian Embassy in Armenia ahead of the Homeland Defender's Day.

Referring to the upcoming holiday, Sargsyan noted that this day isn't considered as a national holiday in Armenia but it lives in the memory and hearts of elderly servicemen, reflecting indissoluble ties of generations and continuation of military traditions.

Touching on the Russian-Armenian military cooperation, Sargsyan noted: ''The Russian military base is located in the territory of Armenia. Its staff has repeatedly confirmed its conscientious approach to fulfilling the tasks set before them and their high combat-readiness. We carry out joint operative planning of use of troops in the interests of ensuring the common security, while the subunits of Russian air defense and aviation jointly with the Armed Forces of Armenia successfully carry out military vigil, deciding one of the most important issues concerning the ensurance of security of our airspace. I am confident that our close cooperation in the sphere of ensuring security will continue to remain strong and fruitful.''

The minister also congratulated the Russian border guards carrying out service on the Armenian-Turkish border.

February 23 marks the Homeland Defender's Day. Although this is not a national holiday in Armenia, it remains one of the most favorite one among the representatives of elderly and middle-aged people. 

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