October 17
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It is an ultimate hypocrisy how Azeri officials are misusing the human feelings with this propaganda and lies. 

Armenia’s Ambassador to Italy, Victoria Bagdassarian, told the above-said to Agenparl news agency of Italy. 

“Ambassador of Azerbaijan, when speaking about Khojaly and the massacres of its population, fails to mention that the inhabitants of Khojaly became victims of criminal internal policy between the then Azeri authorities and National Front of Azerbaijan, an ultra-national movement which was striving for power,” noted the Armenian ambassador. “The Khojaly events were organized by the National Front of Azerbaijan to overthrow [then] President Ayaz Mutalibov, and to come to power. This was confirmed by President Mutalibov himself, a month after his resignation, in an interview to Czech journalist Dana Mazalova, which was published in Nezavisimaya Gazeta.

“Unfortunately, the official [Azerbaijani] propaganda does not disdain to use any means to put the blame for the events on the Armenian side and inject a new portion of hatred towards Armenians into the minds of its younger generation. They also spread this mendacious information to try to divert the attention from the atrocities they have perpetrated in the Azeri cities of Baku, Sumgait, Kirovabad and elsewhere against its Armenian citizens.

“I very well know that the Azeri propaganda distorts those events as did the Ambassador of Azerbaijan in an interview to your agency. Moreover, if you tell a lie big enough and keep repeating it, people will eventually come to believe it.”

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