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STEPANAKERT. - The bodies of the Azerbaijani servicemen have been evacuated from the neutral zone.

Spokesperson for the Nagorno-Karabakh Republic (NKR/Artsakh) President, Davit Babayan, told the aforementioned to Armenian News –

The procedure took place through the mediation of the OSCE and the International Committee of the Red Cross (ICRC) and ended at about 5:00 pm Yerevan time.

Referring to the belated attempts of the Azerbaijani side to claim that the bodies were allegedly on the Azerbaijani side and not in the neutral zone, Babayan stressed that this doesn’t correspond to reality. “The bodies were in the neutral territory. The attempts of the Azerbaijani side to distort the situation aim to create an impression that the deceased “were defending their homeland,” which is not so. The soldiers and officers died during the attack attempt,” Babayan noted.

“The bodies were in the neutral zone and Azerbaijan couldn’t take them from there by its forces. Or it had to launch a special operation, as the NKR Army did, when the Azerbaijani side meanly downed a Karabakh helicopter, which flew close to the contact line. The Azerbaijani side didn’t then allow the representatives of international organizations to approach the helicopter for several days, this being in violation of written and moral laws,” Babayan stressed.

He also recalled that on Sunday Azerbaijan disrupted the process of evacuation of bodies. “They didn’t dare to do this for the second time, fearing th reaction of their own society,” Babayan said.   

According to the information of the NKR Defense Ministry, the process took place pursuant to the agreements reached on February 25.


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