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If you want to create the atmosphere of confidence, urge to form a common platform to fight against fraud, announced a member of the Armenian National Congress (ANC) Zoya Tadevosyan.

"They talk about fair and transparent elections but at the same time compile lists and promise bribes to attract voters. This is not fair. The political forces that aim to lay the foundations for further development of Armenia can do so only through the formation of a legitimate government. If you want to create an atmosphere of public confidence and public trust in Armenia, urge to create a common platform to fight against fraud,” said Zoya Tadevosyan.

According to her, the concentration of efforts at the polling stations and the struggle will allow to prevent frauds. "People get so spoiled, that the fact of being poor seems to justify their actions, when they accept all the donations under the so-called charity, which later becomes the reason of collapse. Consequently, each of us must take a share of our sin and fight. We are ready and have a strong team to fight against fraud, "said Tadevosyan.

Zoya Tadevosyan takes the 4th place in the electoral list and will also run in Ajapnyan-Arabkir-Davitashen area. The Congress will take part in the parliamentary elections under the slogan "Peace, reconciliation, and solidarity".

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