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AI (Artificial Intelligence) is the buzzword among people involved in technology. Most global IT experts, including PicsArt CEO and Co-founder HovhannesAvoyan, emphasize the role of AI in our futures. PicsArt, being a leading photo editor, collage maker and drawing app with a social network of more than 350 million users, also uses AI in its app. 

According to Mr. Avoyan, Artificial Intelligence has been considered a “dead science” for a long time, but currently we are witnessing the renaissance of the sphere, already impacting different aspects of our lives and businesses. Around $1 billion has been invested in startups dealing with Artificial Intelligence over the last 5 years and the amount is growing every year, proving the concept of the growing importance of AI.

Some experts compare the era of Artificial Intelligence with that of the invention of electricity, which became a driving force for the industrial revolution in the 19th century. Artificial Intelligence is also changing our lives and affecting our economies. It can be used in almost all spheres, contributing to the increase in efficiency and living standards. This is why Mr. Avoyan believes that the countries and companies introducing AI now will be more competitive in the future.

According to Mr. Avoyan, in order to be competitive, Armenia has to train artificial intelligence experts and implement artificial intelligence in different areas. Government and the business sector have to cooperate on the matter and define a roadmap to fill the niche. Moreover, they have to act right now: “AI is still new; and we have been traditionally strong in science and math. This is why, now is the right time to use the strengths and potential we have and to build competency in AI.  This is our unique chance to be competitive in the global market.”

In this regard, Mr. Avoyan suggests to create professional schools and educational programs, to encourage the creation and growth of Armenian IT companies that can assure global presence and positive reputation for our country. These actions aim to develop Armenian economy and enable Armenia to become a strong global player in AI.

There are companies in Armenia that are already involved in AI. In particular, PicsArt organizes courses, works with educational institutions to help develop AI in Armenia.

For example, last week, PicsArt invited renowned international professional trainers to run a week-long advanced courses on Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning. Earlier, PicsArt together with Microsoft, organized a hackathon on Artificial Intelligence.

MrAvoyan notes, that PicsArt is ready to become the driving force for introducing new technologies and AI in Armenia, making it internationally competitive.

You can download the free PicsArt photo editor for iOS, Android, and Windows phones.


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