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ARF Dashnaktsutyun has changed its trace neither while being in power nor while being in opposition.

Member of ARF Bureau, Giro Manoyan, said the aforementioned at the meeting with the residents of Lchashen village in Armenia’s Gegharkunik province.

“ARF-D showed that it is the only party, which tried to implement its programs when winning the confidence vote of the people,” Manoyan said.

Despite being in coalition with the authorities, the MP candidate said they still have different views with the ruling Republican Party of Armenia (RPA) over the Nagorno-Karabakh conflict settlement. “We don’t accept the Madrid Principles, and didn’t accept the Armenian-Turkish protocols [either],” he noted.

Manoyan added that ARF has no enemies in the country but only competitors and oppositionists. In this context, he noted that they are ready to cooperate with all the forces which they will have common views with.

According to the ARF Bureau member, among the currently operating political forces, ARF is the only one to be a truly sociality party, one of their aims being the just distribution of the country’s wealth between the people. “It is not important what is said. The important thing is who says that. It is important for you to realize who you will elect. That bribe will then be taken from you. Let all those taking the [offered] bribe be sure that they will have to pay back hundred times more in the coming five years,” he said. 

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