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YEREVAN. - The post mortem examination of “Food Provider”Artur Sargsyan was conducted on Saturday, Adviser to the Chairman of Investigative Committee of Armenia, Sona Truzyan, told Armenian News –

In her words, the process of the post mortem examination could not be postponed, since, according to the experts, it should be conducted within 48 hours after the death, otherwise that could have certain consequences.

“After 48 hours the cells begin to decompose, and, according to the specialists, it is necessary to conduct the examination at the aforementioned time,” Truzyan said. She also noted that no international expert took part in the post mortem examination although the Investigative Committee had granted the motion.

“We granted the motion and worked with the party so that the experts preferred by them were present, guaranteeing that they would be involved in the examination. However, no expert turned up before the expiration of the time when the examination was to be conducted, although several names had been mentioned. The representative of the aggrieved party’s successor was present [during the examination],” Truzyan said, adding that this stage refers to the post mortem examination. Necessary samples and tissues have been taken, which will later be examined.

News was circulated in media on that independent experts were to arrive from Georgia but nobody turned up.

Artur Sargsyan, a.k.a. the Food Provider, died Thursday at “Armenia” Medical Center, in capital city of Yerevan.

Sargsyan, who was charged with aiding the Sasna Tsrer armed group, was released from prison on December 31, 2016, since he had an illness that was incompatible with imprisonment. On February 9, however, he was arrested yet again. Subsequently, Sargsyan went on hunger strike, and demanded that his preventive measure of arrest be commuted.

A few days ago, and with a written guarantee by several dozen MPs, he was released from prison and immediately hospitalized. Several days ago, however, he left the hospital on his own volition. But his health grew worse on Wednesday evening, and he was rushed to “Armenia” Medical Center, where he underwent surgery; but he did not regain consciousness after this operation.

The Sasna Tsrer armed group had taken over a police patrol regiment building in Yerevan, taken hostages, but later surrendered, in July 2016. 

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