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At the meeting with Armenian PM Karen Karapetyan on Saturday, voters of Berd town of Tavush province raised the issue of introducing insurance system in the sphere of agriculture. 

“You would have greatly helped villagers if agriculture were insured according to the volunteering principle. Jobs would thereby open,” one of the residents said at the meeting on Saturday, noting that due to the risks there are uncultivated lands, Armenian News – correspondent reports from Berd.  

Karapetyan agreed that the Government allocated 5 million euro this year for the agriculture insurance within the framework of a trial program. “With the introduction of the pilot program we will understand our pros and cons. Currently, unfortunately, once we speak about insurance, the insurer says additional burden is put on him,” the PM said.

Referring to the proposal of the citizen on the volunteering principle, Karapetyan noted that voluntary insurance requires insuring specific volume, otherwise the system won’t work.   “Thus, we will assess the risks and understand what the feedback will be if we make such a proposal. I don’t want us to start the good thing wrongly,” he added. 

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