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YEREVAN. – The parliamentary election campaign is quite active. 

Opposition Freedom Party Chairman, former PM and MP Hrant Bagratyan, who is on the Free Democrats Party’s proportional representation list for the forthcoming parliamentary election in Armenia, stated the aforementioned at a press conference on Monday.

At the same time, however, he stated that voters were being bribed en masse. But in Bagratyan’s words, solely downtown Yerevan—the capital city—is an exception in this regard. He added that primarily two political forces are engaged in election bribes.

“You know who they are,” he said. “One of them presents itself an opposition.”

The ex-Premier noted that the political force he represents supports free economy, whereas the economic situation in Armenia is catastrophic.

“The EAEU [i.e. the Eurasian Economic Union which comprises Armenia, Russia, Belarus, Kazakhstan, and Kyrgyzstan] inhibits us [i.e. Armenia],” noted Hrant Bagratyan. In his words, Armenia is always succumbing under the current form of cooperation.

But he said there is hope that something can be changed.

The parliamentary election in Armenia will be conducted on April 2.

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