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YEREVAN. - The side which advocates for peace neither makes diversionary attacks nor violates the international humanitarian law.

Foreign Minister of Armenia, Edward Nalbandian, said the aforementioned in an interview with Arminfo, referring to the subsequent statement by Azerbaijani President Ilham Aliyev.

The latter stated that there is no progress in the negotiations on Karabakh conflict settlement since Armenia doesn’t want peace.

In response, Nalbandian noted that striving for peace first and foremost means propagating peace and not war.

“A country self-positioned as an adept of peace won’t initiate diversion attacks, won’t grossly violate the international humanitarian law, won’t constantly violate the ceasefire regime and won’t refuse to create an incident investigation mechanism for ceasefire violations. Peace is perceived that way only in Baku, as one can see from the statements made there. It is well known what troubles the leaders, who ignored international law and advocated for solving issues by force, brought on their own people,” the FM said.

Referring to comparisons, Nalbandian said: “It is not for the first time Baku has been cherishing the idea that Armenia and Azerbaijan cannot be competitors, and thus Armenia should go for unilateral concessions. Azerbaijan is sure they can obtain reputation with money, buy friends, pass certain dubious resolutions and present that to the domestic audience as an achievement and proof of reputation. Of course, Armenia and Azerbaijan cannot be competitors in terms of democracy, tolerance, human rights, economic freedoms, as well as freedoms of press, speech, media and other fundamental freedoms. In recent years we have witnessed what happened to no less wealthy and self-righteous authoritarian regimes. The logic and vectors of the development of our states and societies are contrary comparable.”

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