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YEREVAN. - I cannot make some people in Armenia happy against their will, Head of the EU Delegation to Armenia, Piotr Świtalski, told the aforementioned to journalists Friday.

Responding to the question of Armenian News – reporter on the refusal of the Central Electoral Commission (CEC) to invite certain foreign NGOs for conducting observation mission during the parliamentary elections in the country and CEC arguments regarding this, the Ambassador said: “You should judge by yourself whether this is good for the image of Armenia if strong statements are published on European websites. Whether it is good for the image of elections in Armenia if several important local NGOs associate themselves with such critical statements. But I want to wait for the voting day to see whether they are here or not because there are some signals that some of the people who wanted to come are registered through different channels. If they are here, that will be good. If not, no. I cannot make some people in Armenia happy against their will. If they want to do something that is really bad for the image of Armenia, I can’t prevent them. Come on, this is a country of free will.”

The Ambassador urged to come back to the issue after the elections. “Then we will have more opportunity to talk about it. I can only repeat that it is in the interests of Armenia to be as transparent as possible. At least the absence of some people will not make a big difference in this observation efforts. Therefore, this reasoning is very difficult for me to understand. But we’ll see: if they come here, there will be no problem to talk about after the elections,” Piotr Świtalski said.

The European Platform for Democratic Elections (EPDE) earlier rebuked the refusal of the Armenian authorities to invite its international observers to conduct an observation mission during the parliamentary elections slated for April 2. 

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