July 20
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At the Monitoring Committee’s Nov. 16 sitting, PACE Co-Rapporteur on Armenia John Prescott stated that the issue of releasing Armenian opposition members imprisoned after the 2008 presidential elections will be highlighted during his forthcoming visit to Yerevan, David Harutyunyan, Head of the Armenian delegation to PACE, told RFE/Radio Liberty. According to him, John Prescott is to visit Armenia late next January or early next February. It will be a regular monitoring visit. Harutyunyan did not say anything about the terms of releasing Opposition members.

In visiting Armenia, representatives of different international agencies and European officials address the issue of imprisoned oppositionists.

“One thing is clear that several methods are available now, and one of them has to be employed. They are either grant of parole or pardon or amnesty or serving the full term. Granting amnesty and pardon is the Armenian President’s prerogative. As regards the grant of parole, some persons were recently released,” Harutyunyan said. He believes the process can be continued. reminds readers that Ashot Manucharyan, Head of the Vanadzor chapter of the Armenian National Movement (ANM) was recently released on parole. He was sentenced to five years’ imprisonment in 2008, and spent two years and eight months in prison.

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