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The European Union plans to oblige London to make annual payments, after the United Kingdom leaves the EU in 2019, reports DW.

In addition, the European Union intends to make the United Kingdom’s government reunite the families of the EU citizens in the UK, reports Reuters, referring to the draft document prepared by Brussels. In accordance with the document, London must also, within the transitional period after Brexit, obey the decisions of the Court of Justice of the European Union(CJEU).

The document should become the basis of the mandate for negotiations with the UK. The heads of the EU states plan to discuss this mandate at the summit in Brussels on April 29. The President of the Council of the European Union, Donald Tusk, at the end of March presented the EU's position on Brexit negotiations, but it is the EU member states that must finally agree on it.

The draft document assumes, that the parties will determine the amount that London will have to pay in accordance with its obligations regarding pensions and projects, that end in March 2019. The European Union plans to receive these contributions in euros. The final amount of contributions is not specified, but the British government has already rejected the previous amount - 60 billion euros - named by the Eurocommission.

In accordance with another provision of the document, the United Kingdom must retain the right to work and guarantee lifelong pensions to EU citizens who live in the UK upon its withdrawal from the European Union. The right to retirement should also be preserved for those EU residents who previously worked in the UK.

In addition, family members of UK citizens from other EU countries should be able to enter the UK, and they must be granted the same rights as British citizens. The British Prime Minister Teresa May said earlier, that no more than 100,000 foreigners per year will be allowed to enter the country.

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