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YEREVAN. - Azerbaijan actually ignores the mediation mission of the OSCE Minsk Group, turning into a party which it is impossible to hold talks with.

Head of the ARF Dashnaktsutyun parliamentary faction, Armen Rustamyan, told the aforementioned to Armenian News –

Referring to the recent statement of the mediators on the ceasefire regime violation on the contact line in the Karabakh conflict zone, the MP said: “I think the OSCE should have made targeted statements long ago. And we have repeatedly stated that untargeted statements and equality sign between the parties contribute to new violations along the contact line. This time, I think, the consistent and abrupt refusal of Azerbaijan to implement the responsibilities taken up in Vienna and St Petersburg eventually made the OSCE Minks Group’s cup run over. And as it goes, better late than never. The statement was made and I think such statements should be consistent.”

According to him, the statements should be followed by actions. “That is, it should be very specifically recorded that Azerbaijan actually ignores the mediation mission, turning into a party which it is impossible to hold talks with. Basically, Azerbaijan should be asked whether it supports the peaceful settlement or not. And if not, apparently, the entire international community should condemn and put pressure on Baku to return it to the negotiation process,” Rustamyan noted.

In the MP’s words, the disdainful treatment of Baku to all the international norms is obvious. “Azerbaijan has turned into a sultanate, which is not ready for talks and which doesn’t give a damn about the international norms,” the head of the ARF-D said.

Referring to the possibility of large-scale military actions on the initiative of Azerbaijan, Rustamyan noted: “The large-scale actions mean that they will strike Yerevan and we will strike Baku. They know that this won’t remain unresponsive, that is why they don’t resort to that step. Once Azerbaijan thinks it will do something which will not be given a response, it will do that.  And this time Baku tried to do that but it didn’t manage to. The Armenian side properly retaliated, this being considered as a normal step from our side.”

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