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YEREVAN. - The Armenian police have not confirmed the rumors on banning right-hand-drive cars.

''Currently there is no such initiative in the Armenian police,'' Head of Information and Public Relation Department of the Armenian Police, Ashot Aharonyan, told Armenian News –

In the recent days, rumors on upcoming ban of right-hand-drive cars in Armenian have been circulating in social networks. The ''substantiation'' is the large number of accidents involving right-hand-drive cars. However, this ''explanation'' does not stand up to criticism, since the traffic police do not gather such statistics. In fact, the widespread practice of buying driver licenses has resulted in the fact that a signifcant number of drivers does not have an idea about the traffic rules, being guided exclusively by the level of their own impudence and sizes of their cars.

Meanwhile, the initiative on banning the right-hand-drive cars may stem from the government. It is not ruled out that in this issue the ''role model'' will not be the common sense—the existence of huge number of ''right-hand-drive cars in the vehicle park of the country and the high level of difficulty of changing them into left-hand-drive cars along with the expected high level of public outrage—but the experience of the Russian side, which is very often used to rely on. 

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