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YEREVAN. - The supreme leadership of the Eurasian Economic Union  will discuss the possibility of working with Armenian driver’s licenses in Russia, MP of the ruling Republican Party of Armenia (RPA) faction Samvel Nikoyan told Armenian News – Wednesday.

Referring to the proposal of Yelk MP Edmon Marukyan on launching a process of withdrawing from the EAEU, Nikoyan said that those who have a different opinion about that union are free to make such extreme statements, but this doesn’t mean that the withdrawal process should be launched. The MP stressed that there can be controversies in political issues in any union.

“If there was another decision which would relate to all the countries, then one might think and discuss the following issue: EAEU supposes free movement of labor and capital, so does this decision correspond to these fundamental principles? But the issue refers to another field here.
The focus is the following here: except for the countries, whose official language is Russian. It turns out we have an economic demand for solving a political issue,” Nikoyan said.  

Asked whether he is not outraged by the fact that an attempt is made to resolve political issues through economic obstacles, the MP said: “Any union, including the Eurasian Economic Union is an environment, where issues may continuously arise. There is no environment without emerging issues in regard to which the authorities can take measures. The response to this issue was natural but we should understand that this was neither the first nor the last one. I don’t think that the issue is finally resolved: I think it can still become a subject of discussion in the EAEU supreme body. This issue will still be included in the agenda of the EAEU supreme body.”

Despite the obstacles emerged for Armenian drivers working in Russia and the proposal to give Russian language an official status in Armenia, the MP continuous insisting that the positive result of Armenia’s accession to the EAEU is apparent. “I think the efficiency of the EAEU for our country is evident and there are wide opportunities, which we must be able to use. The EAEU is a system, where you can work well and resolve your issues. Besides, issues may arise in any union,” he noted. 

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