November 21
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YEREVAN. – Russia managed to weaken some elements ensuring sovereignty of the Armenian state, political analyst Stepan Grigoryan told reporters.

However, other Eurasian Union members, Kazakhstan and Belarus resist the political ambitions of Russia, he beleives.

“The more Armenia makes concessions to Russia, the more new concessions Russia expects to get,” said Grigoryan.

The political scientist offers three options to solve the problem: first, to remain a part of Eurasian Union and continue the policy pursued by the Armenian authorities, that is to solve the problems gradually. The second option is to leave the Eurasian Union.

The third is to leave everything as it is, Grigoryan said, adding that he personally supports the last one. Sooner or later either the Russians will provoke Armenia’s withdrawal from the Eurasian Union or the Union will no longer act as an organization and will have a formal character jsut as CIS does.

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