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German FM Sigmar Gabriel on Wednesday slammed US President Donald Trumps for threatening North Korea, pointing out to the danger of  unleashing a nuclear war,  DW reports. 

According to him, Trump’s rhetoric raises concerns that “as in case of the WWI, we will come to war in a somnambular state, only this time it will be a war, which will under certain circumstances be waged by nuclear weapons.”

Gabriel paid attention to the fact that the democratically elected president uses an aggressive rhetoric resembling that of the North Korean regime. According to him, Pyongyang shouldn’t be responded with the same expressions in order not to further twirl the spiral of conflict escalation.

The German FM also recalled the words of the US Secretary of Defense James Mattis on that the war in North Korea will result in such a great number of casualties, which has not even been recorded since the WWII. “Thus, it is necessary to take care of the security of this region,” he noted. 

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