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YEREVAN. - Preserving the purity of the Armenian language is not only the task of writers, intellectuals and philologists, but also that of each Armenian citizen.

Armenian language specialist Lavrenti Mirzoyan told the aforementioned to journalists Thursday.

He touched on the purity of the Armenian language in the sphere of mass media. “When private funds for mass media were established, various issues emerged. Among them is the use of various loan words. However, unlike the 90s, we can say that various issues have been resolved,” Mirzoyan said, adding that despite everything there are still serious flaws, which can be seen more obviously in the advertisement language.

Mirzoyan then went on to make quite loud and ambiguous statement on that everything is being done in the information sphere to preserve the language purity. “However, we cannot say the same when the issue concerns such spheres as social networks, websites and journalism,” he added. 

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