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Itself being an “occupying” state, Israel will hardly allow itself double ethics.

Israeli, Russian, and Ukrainian citizen Blogger Alexander Lapshin—who had visited Nagorno-Karabakh (Artsakh), was imprisoned in Azerbaijan, later pardoned by its president, and left the country recently—wrote the aforesaid on his Facebook page.

“In recent days, many Israeli public figures and separate diplomats were severely criticizing me that, as if, the wonderful relations with Azerbaijan cannot be questioned because of that blogger. ‘You broke the laws of Azerbaijan by visiting Karabakh; sit in the Azeri prison.’ For example, Israel’s honorable ambassador, Yosef Shagal, expressed such a theory in Minsk [the capital city of Belarus].

“[But] are those criticizing me aware that visiting the Golan Heights, which was captured [by Israel] from Syria in 1967,  is a violation of the law on the occupied territories of Syria? Syrians have a legitimate right and resource to declare a search, through the Interpol, for anyone who visited the Golan Heights, including former ambassadors.

“Especially since Azerbaijan has shown that nothing terrible will happen; journalists will [just] make noise and forget,” Lapshin wrote, in particular.

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