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YEREVAN. – Armenians living in Syria are in danger solely by the Kurds.

Father Antranig Ayvazian, Primate of Dzhezire Diocese of the Armenian Catholic Church of Syria, told the aforementioned to Armenian

“We have self-defense detachments in our region; the only danger comes from the Kurds,” he said. “Kurds enter schools, seize Christians’ homes, fields, demolish schools.

“The [Syrian] state is trying to help us. We hope that the [Syrian] army will eventually be able to control the entire region and restore our rights.”

In Fr. Ayvazian’s words, however, Syria is an irreplaceable country for Armenians.

“We have nowhere [else] the freedoms that we have in Syria,” he noted. “We hope that if some of the [Syrian Armenian] emigrants return, we will find again and restore what we have lost.”

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