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A three-year-old girl in Nepal has been chosen as the embodiment of the Hindu goddess Taleju.

Trishna Shakya was carried by her father from her home to a respective religious ceremony in the ancient Durbar Square in capital city Kathmandu, according to The Sun newspaper of the UK.

Now, she will live in a temple palace in Kathmandu under the care of specially-appointed guardians, and she will only be allowed to leave the temple 13 times a year on special feast days.

The respective selection criteria for aspiring Kumaris—living goddesses, until puberty—is strict and includes a number of specific physical attributes such as an unblemished body, a chest like a lion, and thighs like a deer.

Even if a girl fulfils all the physical requirements, she must then prove her bravery by not crying at the sight of a sacrificed buffalo.

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