February 26
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YEREVAN. – Speaking to Zhamanak (Times) newspaper of Armenia, Aleksandr Dugin, who heads the International Eurasian Movement, expressed a view that the matter of returning five regions of Nagorno-Karabakh will be raised at the upcoming talk between the presidents of Armenia and Azerbaijan.

“The situation in Armenian-Azerbaijani relations is reaching a point when it will be impossible to resolve the problem any longer; there is a need to achieve the resolution to this crisis,” Dugin noted, in particular. “I suppose the matter of deblockage of five regions of Karabakh will be put during that meeting of the presidents. But the problem is that the topic of returning the five regions under the control of Armenia to Azerbaijan is covered very inaccurately.

“I was astonished at the fact that when it comes to the return of five regions, as a rule, an incorrect assessment is given to that matter. So, it’s very difficult to speak about it in Armenia, Azerbaijan and Russia, alike, since uncompromising, wrong views have been formed.”

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