September 23
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YEREVAN. – The information, according to which Azerbaijan plans to acquire the Polonez multiple launch rocket system (MLRS) from Belarus, is nothing new. 

Military analyst Arkadi Grigoryan stated the aforesaid commenting—at the request of Armenian—on the “details” of Belarusian defense minister’s visit to Azerbaijan and the assumed procurement of arms, and which are disseminated in Azerbaijani media.

“Let’s start from [the fact] that the MLRS is among non-controlled missiles, which are intended more for hitting the civilian population, not the army,” noted Grigoryan. “[But] the Iskanders [the missile system which Armenia has obtained from Russia] are a precision armament, and they are intended for hitting a specific purpose and object. For that reason, it is needless to compare—let alone, to speak about—the equal power, the maintenance of balance of arms.”

The military analyst added that Azerbaijani president Ilham Aliyev does not even hide the fact that he needs a larger number of MLRSs, to cause huge casualties among the civilian population of Armenia.

“Armenia’s acquisition of the Iskander was a move in response to the actions by the Azerbaijani government,” stressed Arkadi Grigoryan. “For that reason, there has never been a large number of multiple launch rocket systems in Armenia’s weapons because the Armenian side does not seek to cause great damage to the civilian population, but prefers super accurate precision armaments.”

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