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YEREVAN. – It is impossible to achieve progress in talks, until there is no confidence between the parties, Armenian deputy foreign minister Shavarsh Kocharyan told reporters.

Asked whether the Armenian side received the guarantees mentioned by President Serzh Sargsyan, the deputy minister: “It is impossible to tie the meeting and guarantees, but in general, of course, the process is connected with guarantees.”

As to the implementation of the agreements reached in Vienna and Saint Petersburg, the Armenian official reminded of trilateral ceasefire agreement.

“The agreement between Artsakh, Armenia and Azerbaijan, in fact, is an international obligation of Azerbaijan. Azerbaijan obliged to introduce these mechanisms when signing,” he said.

Comprehensive settlement can be reached when there is confidence between the parties, when no shots are fired, he added.

“This is the reason for no progress in talks over 20 years. We witnessed the same thing April last year, when Azerbaijan tried to start military operations. This is not the condition of the Armenian side. This is the problem of Azerbaijan on the one hand and the co-chairs on the other. How can we talk about progress when there is no confidence between the parties?” Kocharyan wonders.

Azerbaijan’s refusal to implement international commitments questions fulfillment of any possible agreement in the future.

“They can sign it and refuse to fulfill it later,” he noted.

At the same time, he added that there is no guarantee that Azerbaijan does not intend to start hostilities in parallel with the talks. When asked why we should continue the negotiations, the deputy minister noted that we must always remember: when talking about the negotiation process, there are two issues.

“One concerns that hostilities do not start, and the second is to ensure progress in the negotiations. These two issues are closely related. Considering also the April war, it is obvious that the co-chairs primarily focus on creating an atmosphere of confidence,” the Armenian official emphasized.  

“This is the logical approach of the co-chairs: as long as there is no trust between the parties, it is impossible to achieve progress. It is obvious that today there are no grounds, positive trends, which allow talking about progress in the negotiation process,” he resumed.

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