February 15
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YEREVAN. – “The military balance between Armenia and Azerbaijan has been restored after the April [2016] war. The Iskander missile system [which Armenia has obtained from Russia] has played an important role in this matter. 

“Simply, today Armenia strengthens its own military potential by trying to acquire from Russia weapons which will further strengthen that potential.”

Russian military analyst Vladimir Evseev told the aforementioned to 168 Zham (Hour) newspaper of Armenia, reflecting on the weapons which Armenia will procure under the new Armenian-Russian loan agreement which the Armenian government has approved.

According to him, what Armenia will acquire under this agreement will protect Armenia’s airspace from surprises. In his words, this troop can act if the Azerbaijani side launches large-scale operations against Armenia, in the event of a flare-up of the Nagorno-Karabakh conflict.

“This troop indirectly refers also to Karabakh,” Evseev added, “albeit Russia basically has no obligations regarding Karabakh.”

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