December 10
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North Korea has continuously sparked fears of the outbreak of World War 3 by persisting with an ambition to create an arsenal of deadly nuclear weapons, Express reported.

Now dictator Kim Jong-un has vowed to make the country the “world’s strongest nuclear power” as the United States’ Secretary of State for Defence invited Pyongyang for talks with Washington.

Rex Tillerson even said he does not expect North Korea to give up its nuclear weapons, insisting US President Donald Trump even accepts the fact. 

As tension in the region continues to escalate, Kim Jong-un’s state-run media outlet KCNA the despot leader vowed to develop atomic bombs and make North Korea the world’s strongest nuclear power.

At a ceremony, Kim Jong-un told workers that North Korea will “victoriously advance and lead as the strongest nuclear power and military power in the world”.

Kim Jong-un added: “We will develop new strategic weapons systems, including atomic bombs, hydrogen and ICBM.

“Our defence industry, self-defence power has been enormously strengthened at an extraordinary speed, and our republic will become the world’s strongest nuclear power and a military power. 

“We will fight for it.

“The beliefs and expectations of the party, our country and the people are very great for the scientists, engineers and workers and workers in the military industry. 

“We want to massively strengthen our nuclear-armed forces.”

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