August 25
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YEREVAN.-  A festive reception was held on Tursday at the Presidential Palace for the business representatives of Armenia on the occasion of the New Year and Christmas holidays.

Serzh Sargsyan congratulated and addressed warm wishes to the businessmen on the upcoming holidays, the press service of the Armenian President’s Office reported.

In his congratulatory speech the President referred to the economic results of the passing 2017 year and expectations from 2018. 

“Dear ladies and gentlemen, 

Dear entrepreneurs, 

I warmly greet you at the Presidential Palace and I am glad such meetings have become a good tradition, we gather on the eve of the New Year, congratulate each other and wish success. First of all, I wish that in 2018 love, mutual understanding, respect be present in your families and that in 2018 all of you has the feeling of more happiness and satisfaction. It’s very important for our country, our public, because it’s not a secret that you success means economic growth, new jobs, and welfare. I wish that your achievements of 2017 are continued in 2018 by not only continuing your work, expanding it, but also become the initiators of new ideas. For that I think there are two preconditions – first, desire and diligence and second, mutual trust and cooperation with the government. 

“I think 2017 years could be characterized as the year of cooperation between the economy-related bodies of the government and businessmen. In this context, all of you should be satisfied to some extent, because when the new Tax Code of Armenia and the EAEU Customs Code enter into force from January 1, all of you will see and probably have already made sure that almost all of your proposals that have been put on the table during both official and non-formal meetings have been taken into account. I am convinced that in 2018 we will have far better results against 2017, since rather a lot of conditions have been created in 2017 to end the year with sufficient economic growth. I will make no forecasts, but I think we will record economic growth of over 6%. Thank God, the index of economic activation is quite high and during the 11 months we have recorded an unprecedented rise of exports amounting to 2 billion USD that makes the 20% of our GDP. We have never had such an indicator. Our trade turnover of the 11 months has already exceeded 6 billion USD”, President Sargsyan said, adding that it’s the first time for a long period that Armenia’s local currency, the AMD, has not been subjected to any external pressures, and the contrary, it tries to improve its position. Referring to the fact that in spring of 2018 the new Constitution will fully enter into force, President Sargsyan urged the businessmen to improve their work style themselves. 

“I suggest that in 2018 we together achieve a point where the non-official, non-documented workflow is minimized. We have reached a preliminary agreement with the Premier and the Cabinet that in 2018 we fully regulate the doc flow. This will be beneficial for everyone – you, the state, our army, pedagogues and anyone else”, President Sargsyuan said, urging the businessmen to pass that path without delay, without waiting for anyone to push for that. 

“I once again wish all of you health, success and, I reiterate, very long moments of satisfaction. This is important for everyone’s job. Happy New Year and Christmas”, the President of the Republic concluded his speech.


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