October 19
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YEREVAN. – The recent scandalous statement by U.S. President Donald Trump that the U.S. does not need migrants from “shitholes” will hit the reputation of Trump more than the reputation of the country he leads. This opinion was expressed by the scientific director of the German-Russian forum, political scientist Alexander Rahr, in a conversation with the Armenian correspondent.

The expert also characterized the U.S. president's statements as rather harsh and inadequate, while emphasizing that the world community has already become accustomed to his odious statements.

“I do not think that these statements will have any consequences,” explained Rahr, noting that he had repeatedly attended various kinds of events and closed-door high level meetings attended by both business and political representatives, which could afford rather harsh statements during the conversation, both with respect to individuals, and whole companies and even countries. 

At the same time, the expert stressed that, as a rule, these meetings do not become public, as happened in the case of Trump.

According to Alexander Rahr, if Trump knew that his words and statements could somehow appear in the media and become the property of the American and world public, he most likely would refrain from such harsh statements. 

The political scientist also believes that Mr. Trump is a populist, and this all plays into his hands. So, according to Rahr, in the midst of the poorer part of American society, where some bitterness prevails, the current US president is quite popular.

“They, on the contrary, believe that at the head of their state there is such a ‘shirt-guy’ who speaks the same language as they do,” the expert said, adding that everyone has long been accustomed to this, and that what is happening in American political environment is just a show.

When asked whether this would lead to a radicalization of American society and internal large-scale clashes between supporters and opponents of the incumbent president, the political analyst replied that in his time, the former U.S. President Barack Obama had also been severely criticized, since many, in the early period of his rule, did not like an excessive political correctness of the president, and a more liberal internal political course. 

The scandal broke out after President Donald Trump made comments during a meeting on immigration with lawmakers on Thursday. He asked why the U.S. admits people from “shithole countries” or “shitholes,” according to an eyewitness and two people familiar with the meeting.

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