November 21
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At least 14 students and a teacher were injured in a knife rampage at a school in the Russian city of Perm. The teenagers who started the assault may have been inspired by the Columbine High School massacre, according to reports.

It all started Monday morning when a knife fight broke out between an 11th grader and a former student “on the grounds of personal enmity”. The brawl then spilled into a classroom of fourth grade students. The teacher and children tried to separate the two, sustaining injuries as a result.

The suspects were named as Lev Bidzhakov, 17, and Alexander Buslidze. They entered a classroom and went directly to the teacher to stab her before attacking other children in the classroom.  

Argishti Abroyan, the father of the 10-year-old boy, who was injured during the slaughter at school, came to the regional children's hospital where his son (Menua Abroyan) and his classmates are now.

"My son said, that  two guys flew rushed into classroom at about 9.45. One ran to the teacher and stabbed, and then immediately approached my son and hit him; my son has cuts on his scalp," Argishti noted that Menua quickly jumped up and ran into the corridor, and reached hospital himself.


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