October 18
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Macedonia is ready to add a geographical qualifier to its name to help resolve a dispute with Greece that has held up its prospects of joining the European Union and NATO, Prime Minister Zoran Zaev said on Tuesday, reported Reuters.

Macedonia joined the United Nations in 1993 with the provisional name “The Former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia” because its neighbor Greece objected to the one-word name saying it implied a territorial claim to a Greek province of the same name.

“I would like the negotiations [with Greece] to succeed,” Zaev told reporters in the Macedonian capital city Skopje on Tuesday. “We are ready for a geographical qualifier in the name.”

He also said his government has renamed the main airport and a key highway, which had both been named after Alexander the Great.

Zaev said the airport will be renamed “International Airport Skopje,” and the highway will be called Friendship.

“With today’s decision ... we are confirming our step toward building friendship and confidence with Greece,” he added.

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