January 17
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Iran displayed its home-made ballistic Qadr and Fajr 5 missiles on Sunday during the rallies to celebrate the 39th anniversary of the victory of the Islamic Revolution, Fars reported.

Qadr is the liquid-fuel missile with a 2000km-range that can be equipped with a separating head to defeat various targets. The launch of the missile is possible with both a mobile launcher and a launch shaft. The missile is equipped with a system that makes it possible to escape missile defense shields.

A new modification of the Fajr-5 short-range missile and an anti-tank guided missile Toufan 2-M were also displayed during the events.

The Iranian new submarine named Fateh is passing its final tests to be used by the Iranian naval forces.

According to the source, millions of people around the country take part in the events dedicated to the anniversary of the revolution.

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