January 19
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German authorities have deported the son of a terminally ill Armenian woman.

Gayana Z., 39, lives in the refugee shelter in Neuhaus an der Pegnitz, Germany, according to Germania.One.

She suffers from cancer, and her death is imminent. The left side of the woman’s body is completely paralyzed.

In mid-January, police broke into their room at night and took her 18-year-old son, Ashot, to deport him to his homeland.

The local German migration department, however, said there are some circumstances that may hold back the deportation.

But according to German authorities, at the time of Ashot’s deportation, they did not know that his mother was dying.

Ashot, however, says the German authorities knew everything very well. This is evidenced also by her mother’s diagnosis as well as her medical examination conclusions that were submitted to the local department.

But the department stated that the medical records do not indicate that Ashot’s mother will die soon, and therefore uncertain future events do not hinder deportation. 

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