February 27
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Armen Sarkissian was sworn in as the fourth President of Armenia at a special sitting of the National Assembly on Monday as Armenia prepares to shift to the parliamentary system of government.  The event brought together 1,300 people, including guests from the country and abroad, as well as the heads of media outlets.

“We shall craft a new, young, dynamic and adaptable, creative Armenia,” the fourth President said.

After the ceremony President Sarkissian paid his first visit to Yerablur Military Pantheon in capital city Yerevan.

Later in the day the President received Prime Minister Karen Karapetyan and accepted the government’s resignation. The new government of Armenia shall be formed within fifteen days after the appointment of the new Prime Minister.

Armenia’s ruling party will announce the name of its candidate for the next Prime Minister by no later than April 16. The Republican Party of Armenia will convene an executive body meeting on Wednesday, and an RPA Board meeting also could be held within the week.

The parliament will elect the next PM by open voting on April 17.

Azerbaijani armed forces opened fire at Baghanis village of the Tavush province, Armenia. Azerbaijani armed forces shelled the pasture on Sunday afternoon.

On Sunday the Armenian Defense Ministry said Azerbaijan violated ceasefire regime several times in the direction of Nakhichevan. The Armenian side urged Azerbaijani armed forces to refrain from further provocations and warned that no step would remain unanswered.

The resident of Turkish village was injured in a landmine explosion near the border with Armenia

The injured shepherd was immediately taken to the hospital. He suffered a leg injury.

Armenian man died on the plane heading from Saint Petersburg to Yerevan on April 7. A 39-year-old Russian citizen of Armenian origin suffered a heart attack, representative of Armenian civil aviation department said.

The crew of the plane and the doctor who was among the passengers tried to help the man on board, but they did not succeed.

Russia accused Israel of attacking an airfield in Syria. Fourteen people, including Iranians, were killed as the result of the missile strike on Syrian T4 airbase.

According to the Russian defense ministry, Israeli warplanes attacked the Syrian government T-4 airbase in the Homs province.

Both Pentagon and French forces denied launching the airstrikes.

Russian ruble is tumbling amid fresh U.S. sanctions. The exchange rate against the dollar exceeded 60 rubles at Moscow trade exchange for the first time since November 16, 2017. The euro exchange rate increased by 2.23 rubles up to 73.61 rubles.

The American dollar’s exchange rate against the Armenian dram (AMD) comprised AMD 480.88/$1, the rate of euro made AMD 589.85.