October 24
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Three people were hospitalized after a landmine exploded Thursday in the Tavush Province of Armenia.

Three persons, two of them a married couple, were collecting Solomon’s Seal in the area nearby a military defense outpost at the administrative area of Aygedzor village, during which a landmine exploded. According to doctors, they underwent surgeries.

At least seven US military aircrafts made reconnaissance flights near the coast of Syria, where the Russian air base is located, Interfax reported referring to the monitoring data of Western aviation resources.

Sentinel R.1 aircraft of the British Royal Air Force was also sent to Syria on Thursday.

As reported, UK closed airspace over the Mediterranean near its Akrotiri base in Cyprus in connection with the upcoming “increase in military activity”.

Two persons died and another person was injured in a road accident Friday in Armenia. A car went off road and hit the road-dividing reinforced concrete barriers in Ararat province.

Two people died on the spot, and one person was hospitalized in very critical condition.

Garo Paylan, an Istanbul Armenian MP from the opposition pro-Kurdish People’s Democratic Party is accused of insulting the Turkish nation and the president of Turkey and may be deprived of immunity.

Ankara Prosecutor’s Office has filed a petition with the Turkish justice ministry with a request to remove the parliamentary immunities of eight MPs from the party. If the ministry validates these accusations, the requests for the removal of the parliamentary immunities will be submitted to the speaker of the Turkish parliament.

Guinean citizen was arrested in Armenia on suspicion of robbery and inflicting bodily injuries. Omani citizen contacted Armenia Police on Thursday and told that a stranger had attempted to kill him and robbed him, stealing money, a mobile phone, a passport, and document.

The Guinea man rejected all accusations saying the man was lying.

U.S. needs to impose more sanctions on Russia, Secretary of State nominee Mike Pompeo said during the confirmation hearing on Thursday. Pompeo said Russian president Vladimir Putin has not yet “received the message sufficiently” about troubling behavior by Moscow.

During the confirmation hearing Pompeo also promised to bolster the Iran nuclear deal if he is confirmed by the Senate and suggested that a meeting between President Donald Trump and North Korea’s leader can set out conditions to decide whether an agreement on denuclearization can be achieved.

Real Madrid will face Bayern Munich while Liverpool and AS Roma will play against each other in the UEFA Champions League semifinals. The first legs in the semifinals will take place on April 24 and 25.

As to Europa League, Arsenal will face Atlético Madrid, while Marseille and FC Salzburg will lock horns in the semifinals.