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YEREVAN. – With the outwardly “peaceful” calls by the organizers of the current rallies, an attempt is made to cover up the apparently unlawful activities .

The Police of Armenia on Thursday issued a statement with such content.

As per this statement, the actions by the organizers and participants of the ongoing marches and rallies in capital city Yerevan have violated thousands of peoples’ right to freedom of movement and disrupted the normal operations at several institutions.

According to the police statement, these rallies have been accompanied by mass disorderly conduct, such demeanor is out of the content of peaceful rallies, and the participants of these rallies are committing violent acts against police officers.

In this situation, as per the Armenia Police, the latter are forced to take administrative measures against offenders.

In addition, according to this police statement, the participants of these rallies are putting their lives and health at risk, and the organizers of these rallies bear all accountability for the consequences.

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