October 17
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YEREVAN.- I have said it many times, there were no personal motives behind the constitutional reforms. If they were, the international organizations would also be against, but all - from the Venice Commission to the Council of Europe - responded positively to the constitutional reforms of Armenia,  Prime Minister of Armenia Serzh Sargsyan said during an interview with Shant TV, answering the question that the protests currently taking place in Armenia are personally against him.

"Speaking at the National Assembly of Armenia, I explained that at the beginning of the country's formation the presidential form of government was a necessity. People were more afraid of chaos than the volume of presidential powers. The changes made after that did not balance the branches of power," he said, adding that according to the new constitutional reforms, the main body of power is the National Assembly.

Regarding the "indispensability" of his candidacy, the Prime Minister noted that he is against flattery, but also negatively relates to those who unreasonably accuse people and distort their words. He did not rule out that there were other candidates for the post of Prime Minister of Armenia, but, he said, the political force decided to nominate him. And there was no compulsion. Serzh Sargsyan added that there is no violation of the law.

"My answer to those who act this way: if you do not like the results, get more votes and enjoy the power. For me, power is not pleasure, but they think it is pleasure, "he said.

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