January 17
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A man in Yerevan, the capital city of Armenia, brutally killed his brother for insulting him.

The police have solved this murder.

A person had called the police informing that a murder was committed in his presence. He said strangers had argued with a man, and then the latter was found dead.

It was found out, however, that the person who had made this report to the police was the one who actually had killed this 62-year-old man.

The axe, which was the murder weapon, was found in the storage room of his home. It was found out that he had killed his own brother with an axe, and then decided to deceive the police in order to evade accountability for the murder.

According to preliminary information, the two brothers lived alone at their house and often argued about household matters, and this had become the reason for this brutal murder.

“I hit him for insulting [me], so that he would calm down, and I killed [him],” said the man, at the police station.

A criminal case has opened into the murder.

The investigation is in progress.

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