January 22
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Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan on Friday slammed the whole world for failing to stand up to Israeli violence against unarmed Palestinians in the besieged Gaza Strip, Anadolu reported.

Speaking at a mass rally in Istanbul's Yenikapi fairgrounds that was held to show support for Palestinians, Erdogan said: "To be fair, the Islamic world failed in the Jerusalem test. Not only the Islamic world but the entire world failed in the Jerusalem test."

“Do you know that Jerusalem is not just a city. Jerusalem is a symbol, a test, a qiblah. If we can’t protect our first qiblah, we can’t be confident about the future of last qiblah,” Erdogan added.

Highlighting the significance of the holy city, the president equated Jerusalem with Canakkale (Gallipoli), saying: “Jerusalem is same as Canakkale for us”.

“We are facing struggle against Zionist and Zionism. Even such a catastrophe, unfortunately, was not enough for Muslims to come through,” Erdogan said as he criticized the Israeli violence on Palestinians.

“I separate Zionists from Jews. The main struggle is against Zionism and Zionists,” he said, adding: “Their hostility to Muslims is not at all forgiven.”

"Israel has been doing whatever it wishes since 1947, and continues its way in the same reckless way today. We cannot unsee these facts. With the latest decision the U.S. took, once again the privacy of Jerusalem was attacked."

Erdogan said while Al-Aqsa Mosque was increasingly becoming polluted by radical Zionist schemes, the Al-Khalil mosque remains occupied and all Muslims can do is condemn.

"The only language a persecutor with no morality understands is power. If the whole world, Muslims unite against this cruelty, believe me, the support of the lobbies that Israel rests its back on would not be enough to sustain its recklessness.”

Erdogan urged both Israeli and American people to stand up against the cruelty, and warned that the terror state Israel may hit back at the U.S. one day.

He said: “I am therefore calling on the American people to raise their voices against the wrongs of the [U.S.] administration.

"We also call on the Israeli people to take action against the disaster that their own government is dragging them into.”  

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