January 19
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Iran’s Foreign Ministry lashed out at US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo for the meddlesome, hostile and threatening comments he made against Tehran during a speech at the Heritage Foundation in Washington, Tasnim News Agency reported.

In a Monday statement, the Iranian Foreign Ministry said Pompeo’s “cheap, baseless, insulting and interventionist” remarks and the accusations he levelled against the “great and civilized Iranian nation” are indicative of the US officials’ despair and desperation in the face of the Iranian nation.

Pompeo’s remarks are also a forlorn attempt to deflect the world public opinion from Washington’s illegal move and its breach of obligations under the nuclear deal, which is in contravention of international regulations and the UNSC resolution proposed by the US and adopted unanimously, the statement added, according to the Foreign Ministry’s official website.

“Pompeo’s remarks once again revealed the poor intelligence, weak oversight, analytical backwardness and confusion in decision-making processes in the United States, and showed that radical and hawkish currents in the US neither know history, nor can learn lessons from it,” said the statement.

“The American regime which, despite opposition by all countries in the world except a handful of small regimes, has reneged on all its political, legal and international obligations, is not in a position to set conditions for a major country like Iran, which has made good on its commitments,” it added.

“The American regime must know that the United States’ evasion of law and violation of its commitments not only will not create any rights for that regime (the US), but puts the international responsibility for the consequences of its breach of law on the shoulders of the officials of that regime as well as its corrupt and mafia-linked supporters both at home and abroad, and this is while a new scandal emerges every day before the world’s public opinion,” the statement said.

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