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Karabakh President Bako Sahakyan has official announced that he will not run for presidency in 2020.

He added that he will take all the necessary steps to ensure free and transparent presidential and parliamentary elections.

“As you know our people adopted a new Constitution through referendum in 2017, which provides for a transitional stage of 3 years. This period will be also used for harmonizing the legislation with the new Constitution. National presidential elections will be held in 2020 in line with the current Constitution,” he said.

The footage of Azerbaijanis’ visiting the graves at ruined Gyunnut village, which is now under the control of the Armenian side, has been posted on the internet by spokesperson for the Armenian Defense Ministry Artsrun Hovhannisyan.

Hovhannisyan had earlier informed that on June 6 and 7, the Azerbaijani side had petitioned to the Armed Forces Command of Armenia, with a request to permit some Azerbaijani citizens to visit the graveyards in the southern suburbs of the ruined settlement of Gyunnut. And based on humanitarian norms, the Armenian side had permitted these Azerbaijanis to visit the graveyard.

The Knesset has postponed a plenum debate on recognizing the Armenian Genocide that was scheduled to take place today.

The plenum debate will take place on June 26, following Turkish elections, as a result of an agreement reached between Knesset Speaker Yuli Edelstein and Meretz MK Tamar Zandberg.

Sasun Khachatryan has been appointed chief of the Special Investigation Service of the Republic of Armenia during the extraordinary session of the government.

Former chief Vahram Shahinyan was relieved of his duties last week  based on his respective letter of resignation.

Armenia cannot negotiate instead of Artsakh; it can negotiate only for its own stead, Armenian Deputy FM Shavarsh Kocharyan said.

“Armenia can’t negotiate instead of Artsakh in at least two matters. The first refers to the status of Artsakh, and the second—to the matter of territorial integrity of Artsakh,” he said.

 He emphasized that of course Armenia should negotiate, but not on matters that are in the domain of the authorities of Artsakh.

 “When Azerbaijan truly wishes to make progress in the negotiation process, it shall directly negotiate with Stepanakert, rather than pretending that there is no such subject,” he added.

Donald Trump and Kim Jong Un have signed a joint document following their summit in Singapore on Tuesday. North Korean leader reaffirmed his commitment to complete denuclearisation of the North Korean peninsula.

Speaking during a media conference US President Donald Trump expressed his readiness to invite Kim Jong Un to Washington and said the leaders had “decided to leave the past behind”