June 27
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STEPANAKERT. – Even though the recent events in Artsakh are very interesting, it is necessary to deeply understand the processes in order to assess them. 

Davit Babayan, Head of the Central Information Department of the Office of the President of the Republic of Artsakh (Nagorno-Karabakh Republic/NKR) and Deputy Head of the NKR President’s Office, told about the above-said to Armenian

In his words, the situation should be considered in three dimensions: legal, state-building and domestic politics, and tactics and strategy for struggle.

“From the legal viewpoint, the events confirm that Artsakh is an established state where the citizens’ rights to freedom of speech and choice are guaranteed,” Babayan said, in particular. “Democratic institutions are working in full in Artsakh.”

From the viewpoint of state-building, the events show the rule of law in Artsakh, he added.

“No one can consider himself above the law,” Babayan noted. “Everyone should respect the law; this is the power of the state, and Artsakh is the pride of all Armenians.”

“As for the internal political struggle, tactics and strategy, it’s apparent that there are forces [in Artsakh] which can’t wait until [the presidential election in] 2020,” Davit Babayan said, in particular. “The people of Karabakh can forgive many things, but they don’t forgive breaking the law and injustice.”

Also, he stressed that the people of Artsakh have high political self-consciousness, and they will not resort to speculations of and fluctuations in the situation.

Protest rallies were held in the NKR, and in connection with an incident that had occurred with an officer of the National Security Service. Well-informed agencies claim that this was a domestic incident.

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