July 18
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Every journalist has his own dream list. Barcelona legend, ​​two-time European champion, world champion, owner of all possible club titles, one of the most outstanding players in the history, Xavier Hernández's exclusive interview to Armenian

Xavi, what are Spain's chances in World Cup and how it played against Spain?

Spain had a good match. It was not an extraordinary match, but a good one. Yes, we played with a great rival, as it is Portugal where there are many cool and strong football players, but we also showed our strength. Of course, the important role was played by mistakes, and without mistakes there is no football and this is normal. David De Gea was also mistaken. Well, it's certainly an extraordinary football. Cristiano Ronaldo's level is crazy, he made a storm for Portugal. Regarding the chances of Spain, the Spaniards can win the World Cup. Undoubtedly, it is very strong team, good collective and everything is in their hands.

The main favourites for World Cup ?

Brazil. They have a very strong team. They are slightly higher than the rest. Spain, of course, and Argentina, because they have Messi.

What are you going to do after ending footballer's career?

I have one year left on my contract, and I am going to play, and then I would like to become a coach. I have ideas. I want to realize them. Yes, at first I may be a coach in Qatar, but then I will work in Europe.

Today it became clear that Griezmann will not join Barcelona.

It was Antoine's decision. Nothing could be done with it. He chose the option to stay in Atlético Madrid. Any club in the world would like to have Griezmann as he was  fantastic last year. Barcelona and any team in the world would like Griezmann to join them. But it's okay, this is Antoine's decision, we need to take it, that's all.

What football player would you like to see in Barcelona?

I do not want to name somebody, it would be wrong for people, but Barça has a crazy team. There is Messi, there is Suarez, Dembélé, Paulinho and other football players. It is quite difficult to name one player, because one must have phenomenal qualities in order to make Barça stronger. Yes, there are such players, but I will not name them. But in any case, these will be extraordinary names, because Barcelona is a  special, unique team and it is necessary to play at an incredible level in order to make Barca stronger.

What do you feel while watching the matches of Barcelona?

Yes, Barça team of my heart. It is my team, it is my life. Well it is already everything, my career of the player in Barça is complete and when I watch matches, I root for them, I want them to always win,now I am not a player of Barcelona, but the fan of Barcelona.

What are the best matches of Barcelona with your participation?

Of course, the match with the Real 5-0, but the first will probably mention  the match against United in London, well, the second game was in Rome, also against Manchester United during the Champions League. The whole team won that match. It was the best team game.

You have already achieved everything. Two-time European champion, world champion, Champions League. Is there a football dream?

Of course, I have a dream - to become a coach and beat the competitors, because I want to achieve success, I do not want to stay still,  I want to realize the ideas in football.

Provocative question. The best football player in the history of football?

Messi!! and then Diego Maradona.

What do you think about video replays? Are they needed?

It is necessary. Football will be better. Because, at this moment it helps football, because it helps to correct mistakes.
You were in Armenia nine years ago. Do you have any memories of Armenia and what do you know about our country?

I've been in Armenia only a day, maybe two. From the hotel to the stadium, from the stadium to the hotel.

I remember your national team. Good national team. I think, it was very difficult to win in that game. They played very well, very aggressively. We could score a winning goal only at the end.

I have noticed that you were treated with the Armenian wine. Do you like it?

Yeah. Very tasty, very good.

Vera Martirosyan

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