February 20
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YEREVAN.- Armenian Prime Minister Nikol Pashinyan introduced new chairman of the Investigative Committee Hayk Grigoryan to the members of the Board of the Committee, the PM’s Office reported.

PM Pashinyan said the Investigative Committee is the largest investigative body of Armenia, therefore, it has a great impact on the criminal situation and establishment of legality.   

“We hope by this appointment new page will open in the activity of the Investigative Committee in this new political situation, as well as in the Committee-society relations. I think the logic of this appointment is simple: we want a qualified generation change both in Armenia’s political life and all spheres of public life, as a result of which the best that exists, as well as in the Investigative Committee, will be maintained, develop, and the negative that also exists, will no longer exist.

You know at the current situation we attach great importance to establishment of legality, fight against crime, criminal thinking and corruption, and this is an important process in Armenia’s public life. But we also state that our task in these processes is not to arrest people, our task is to ensure legality in Armenia, and our task in fight against corruption is to recover the damages caused to the state and the people up to the end. I hope the Investigative Committee will launch its activities with a huge resource, energy and sincerely”, the PM said.

He highlighted that by the appointment of Hayk Grigoryan a task has been put to ensure the stability of the system. “We really believe that the changes that have taken place in the activity and thinking of the citizens, will also be reflected in the activity and thinking of the investigators and representatives of the law enforcement agencies in general. I think in recent years a deterioration process of relations between the investigative bodies and public has taken place, a certain gap of mistrust has been emerged, and I hope that the opposite process will happen in these new periods. Mr. Grigoryan, you are tasked to bear a responsibility for this process and lead this process”, Nikol Pashinyan said.

Hayk Grigoryan thanked the PM for the trust and stated: “I understand that at this historical period I have to gradually increase the people’s trust towards the law enforcement agencies, especially the Investigative Committee. The main principles of our activity are going to be the transparency, strict maintenance of fundamental freedoms of the person and the citizen”.

Summing up his remarks PM Pashinyan said: “The Armenian citizens should be convinced that for the Investigative Committee all people are equal before the law regardless of their name/last name, biography, previous or current position. This is a key task, and the logic that is established in Armenia and the reality we build today, greatly depend on its solution. The revolution of love and solidarity won in our country, but all those, who will formulate or interpret the frequent use of love and solidarity words as symbols of weakness, are mistaken and will be mistaken”.

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