February 16
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During all my meetings, I always note that democracy is not a foreign policy position for us, but a system of values, Armenian Prime Minister Nikol Pashinyan told reporters at the airport in Brussels.

According to him, he received numerous congratulations. “But I want to emphasize the following: in all my meetings I always note that democracy is not a foreign policy position for us, but a system of values. I hope that the European Union is perceiving the situation in this way. Since democracy is for us a system of values, I have no doubt that we will complete democratic reforms to the end and achieve success. There will no way back to the previous regime, I am ruling it out unambiguously. Of course, the assistance of international partners, we will be able to implement these reforms more quickly, but we will not be in the role of a petitioner. In fact, we know what to do, our partners should clarify their actions,”Pashinyan said.

He noted that after the democratic revolution from the European Union there were numerous statements, but, in fact, there are no significant changes in the policy. That is, the EU policy has not changed and is the same as 3-4 months ago, and we have to either reduce the inspired tone of these statements or change the policy substantially, Pashinyan emphasized.

As for relations with NATO, the PM expressed readiness to continue cooperation with the Alliance, and specific cooperation programs will be determined in the course of developing the relationship.

“Armenia participates in two NATO missions - in Kosovo and Afghanistan. We will continue to participate in these programs. Follow-up programs, if there will be any, we will discuss them separately. I say if, because it’s not a fact that NATO is interested in expanding cooperation. We are ready to discuss any cooperation projects and issues in the context of Armenia's national interests,” he added.

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