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The US President Donald Trump met with Queen Elizabeth II, Huffington Post reported 

According to the source, the royal family adheres to a strict code of etiquette and behavior and the US president was expected to serve up some awkward interactions. And Trump did not disappoint.


The US President has been a focus of attention of many internet users as he had been captured on video walking behind the Queen during a ceremonial inspection of the Guard of Honor.

According to the source, walking ahead of the queen is not directly banned, although it is not welcomed. The Royal website offers a list of rules that should be followed in the presence of royalty, but it notes that “there are no obligatory codes of behavior.”

“Many people wish to observe the traditional forms,” the Royal Family website noted.

Before Trump's visit to Britain, the former butler for the royal family, Grant Harold, said that the most important protocol the US president should observe  “is letting the queen lead whenever they are walking together.”

The US President Donald Trump, who is on his working visit to the UK, became the 12th American leader, whom the British Queen Elizabeth II met.

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